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Carbon Emissions Reduction Strategy in Europe

Responsibility beyond sustainability.

Working towards carbon accountability for our European operations, one step at a time.

Cleaner energy, greener energy

 What does Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emission reduction look like for Sonoco Europe..?  

Carbon reduction strategy

In Europe, we’re putting reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) into immediate action, and rolling out efficient and renewable energy production in our processes – working towards cleaner, greener energy for a better tomorrow.  

At Sonoco Europe, we are consistently tracking our ongoing efforts of GHG reduction at our European plants, with quantifiable data, and reassessing our strategies to ensure we are meeting our 2025 and 2030 sustainability targets.   We follow closely the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 2 Guidance, to reduce our emissions by means of cleaner energy conversion, efficiency upgrades, and low-carbon/decarbonised electricity.   We’ve long been committed to cleaner energy for our Scope 2 emissions, making a better world through better packaging.

Renewable Energy

Solar Panels

We understand the power of Solar Power: that is why we have a track record of renewable energy investment for more than 10 years, with Solar Panel implementation across various European factories, including our Consumer sites of Bradford, UK and Zwenkau, Germany, and Industrial sites of Skjern Paper Mill, Denmark with plans to install in countless others in the next 24 months.   

Cleaner Energy in Numbers: 

  • Bradford solar panels producing average 430,000 kWh/year of clean, green energy.
  • Zwenkau solar panels producing average 512,000 kWh/year of clean, green energy.


We also have renewable energy in our most recent investments, including the acquisitionof Skjern Paper Mill, in Denmark.

  • Skjern Paper Mill uses an off-site solar farm to supply approximately 27,000,000 kWh / year of clean, green energy, which translates to virtually zero CO2 emissions, as a direct result of this investment. 

Optimising Energy Efficiency

Sonoco Europe Consumer Packaging

We know that for our products to be truly sustainable, we must continously evaluate the processes by which they are created.  

At Sonoco Consumer Packaging we have:

  • Switched for energy efficient alternatives at our Bradford Plant, conserving 156,468kWh energy in the production process.
  • Installed LED lighting throughout our Chesterfield Warehouse fit with passive infra red (PIR) sensors, limiting light exposure and energy consumption.
  • Made plans to install similar PIR occupancy across European consumer sites.

Sonoco ThermoSafe:

The Sonoco ThermoSafe team continues to lead the way in its emissions reduction strategy, and has:

  • Installed economizers in boilers in production operations
  • Modernized facilities for energy efficiency
  • Implemented automation in production operations
  • Reduced energy consumption through LED lighting installation, system optimizations and heat exchangers


Sonoco Alcore Industrial Paper Products:

In 2023, the Sonoco Industrial team developed its new  ViperChucks™ , to optimise its production process.

To meet today’s challenges of paper and board manufacturers and to offer significant productivity improvements in a cost inflation environment, we developed a new generation of chucks exclusively with our partner,” said Markku Ronnila, Product Manager Paper Mill Cores in Europe. “Our new chuck technology is a step change in paper and board winding and eliminates typical problems such as vibration, torque transmission issues and chew-out. We called this innovative technology ViPer Chucks™ in reference to the improved VIbration PERformance.


The efficiencies of Intellicore™ paper roll identification technology can reduce paper waste in many areas of the supply chain at an average of two to five percent a year by reducing lost inventory and ghost waste, the need for working capital and eliminating costly manual tracking during the life of a roll.

Sustainable packaging design

Sustainable packaging design with Closing the loop as sole aim

Watch here Sonoco Europe’s new Consumer video





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