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Textile Carriers

Sonoco Plastics is a globally recognised manufacturer of plastic textile carriers.

Benefits & options

With more than 45 years of experience, we are a reliable supplier and partner for the textile world.

We offer a broad range of plastic textile carriers according to DIN ISO 368 and follows machine manufacturer specifications. All carriers are produced from high-quality plastics with tight tolerance and are engineered to meet requirements for high-speed winding.

Ring Spinning Tubes according to DIN ISO 368

Our ring spinning tubes were developed in cooperation with machine manufacturers to their specifications and the requirements of their applications. The surface is designed for various types of yarn production (i.e. flat spiral, parallel grooves, micro grooves, Z-S, eroded, “orange skin”) with different levels of roughness, a combination of various surfaces and hole perforation for special yarns.

Recommended taper 1:38 (form A) and 1:64 (form A and B). From 180 mm to 300 mm length.

Rieter/Sonoco-License Ring Tube

This joint development of Rieter and Sonoco meets the increasing demand in the textile world for quality, higher speed and increased efficiency. Rieter/Sonoco-License tubes are produced in compliance with Rieter specifications and DIN ISO 368.

Roving Bobbins

Sonoco’s roving bobbins were developed in co-operation with machine manufacturers according to their specifications and requirements. They are suitable for cotton and worsted roving frames, i.e. CSM/Großenhain, Marzoli /Rieter, Toyoda, Zinser.

Dye Tubes

Our one-way and multi-way dye tubes are offered in various formats and dimensions. They are suitable for automatic winding machines.

Cylindrical tubes suitable for OE-machines. Precise concentricity. Cylindrical tubes also as socket-type version (no intermediate plates).

Several types of surfaces:

  • Round/Double/Grid-shaped hole perforation
  • Parallel grooves
  • Micro grooves
  • Knurled
  • Matte finish.

Partly with tailing guide, thumb slot, thread notch.

    Dye Springs

    Three different technologies available.

    • Standard – stackable, one-way
    • Bikopress – stackable, multi-way
    • Eco-Top® – stackable, one-way, patented

    Design and technology support equal pressure on tube and yarn package. Allows an equal dye result. Compressible up to 32%, depending on yarn and production procedure. Suitable for wool, cotton, viscose, man-made fibers and blends. Can be used on all OE-, Winding and Twisting machines and with tubular dye spindles with 51-52 mm diameter. No intermediate plates necessary.

    Eco-Top® One-Way Dye Spring

    Eco-Top® is available as a compressible (up to 32%) or non-compressible dye tube. Dimensions include 170 mm (6 inches) and 290 mm (10 inches) – with fleece available for man-made fiber dyeing. Our patented Eco-Top® stacking collar enables outstanding processing for some procedures.

    Benefits include:

    • Protected yarn reserve during dyeing
    • Best possible performance at weaving looms and knitting machines regarding off winding due to nearly 100% transfer from empty to full dye package
    • Reduced yarn waste
    • Reduced column height enabling an approximately 11% increased transport and dye capacity
    • Yarn package already touching next without pressing
    Winding Tubes

    Suitable for all automatic winders. Suitable for open-end machines. One-way and multi-way tubes. Precise concentricity. With and without rolled-in nose.

    Separator Blades

    Separator blades on ring spinning machines and twisting frames prevent thread damage and other machine faults. Different blade types and sizes, as well as various mounting junctions and dimensions, are available.

    Bottle bobbins for the Glass Fiber Industry

    Winding, twisting and steaming tubes for glass fiber yarns. Available in different dimensions and with different surfaces. Manufactured according to international standards.

    Paperboard Textile Tubes

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