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A breakthrough in paper roll identification technology.

Our Intellicore™ embedded core technology enables automatic paper roll inventory tracking in areas of paper and paper-product manufacturing.

Benefits & options

Intellicore™ paper roll identification technology enables manufacturers to make significant cost savings.

The efficiencies of Intellicore™ paper roll identification technology can reduce paper waste in many areas of the supply chain at an average of two to five percent a year by reducing lost inventory and ghost waste, the need for working capital and eliminating costly manual tracking during the life of a roll.

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Benefits in Brief

Intellicore™ paper roll identification technology allows the paper industry to:

  • Monitor and verify shipping and delivery
  • Monitor paper grade and storage visibility
  • Minimize buffer stocks and working capital requirements
  • Monitor and streamline production in real time
  • Eliminate ghost waste, shrinkage and waste due to inaccurate input and damaged labels
  • Cut manual stocktaking errors and hours
  • Optimize worker/operator productivity
  • Ensure accurate order fulfilment
  • Allows real time tracking from manufacture to consumption. A single identifier is used to automatically track a roll through its lifetime.
  • Enables automatic paper-yield verification. Yield verification by roll, enabling confirmation of paper supplier, quality and quantities by roll.
  • Increases operational efficiency. Real-time inventory data interfaces enable production line operators to make timely paper-use decisions.
  • Eliminates manual input errors and minimizes manual stocktaking procedures.
  • Allows accurate stock location. Accurate stock inventories by location enables clamp truck drivers to easily access stock.
  • Just-in-time supply chain management. Accurate inventories eliminate the need for buffer stocks, enabling optimal management and reduced working capital requirements.

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Case Study

Improving re-use ratio and runability

Our customer wanted to understand the re-use ratio of the tissue cores within their production process and reduce their inventory levels.

We implemented our SR-350 Intellicore tissue core, which utilises RFID technology to track core usage throughout the mill, installing four RFID reading points within the mill, which included first stock point, after converting, return-to-stock point and the end of the production process to allow us to replenish the stock levels as required. Sonoco Alcore assumes all core inventory responsibilities, making it easier for our customers.

As a result, we reduced the stock levels, freeing up working capital for the customer, and generated cost savings, as less space for inventory and labor are required. The SR-350 improved re-use ratio and runability, decreased vibrations and reduced machine stops.

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