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Dricore NG

Rain resistant cores for agricultural films.

Benefits & options

Introducing the new generation Dricore NG water resistant paper core for the agricultural film industry.

Sonoco Alcore has continued its focus on working together with agricultural film producers to develop the new and more environmentally friendly grade of Dricore water resistant paper cores.

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The new Dricore NG has the appearance of a traditional paper core, however, it maintains all of the same critical performance characteristics as the original Dricore product. In addition, the Dricore NG is available in various different colours with printing or branding capabilities to suit the customer needs. The Dricore NG is intended to replace the use of plastic cores in the agricultural film industry bringing benefits to both film producers and the end user as plastic cores are difficult to dispose after use (see opposite side of page).

As the world’s leading producer of paperboard cores, Sonoco Alcore® is committed to providing economical and environmentally friendly solutions to all of the industries it serves. With the advantage of our world-leading research and development resources, we have developed the new rain-resistant Dricore NGTM range as a preferred alternative to plastic cores that are used in the agricultural film market today.

Benefits for Film Producers
  • Eliminate the vibrations caused by plastic cores by converting to the paperboard rain-resistant Dricore NGTM and benefit from higher line speeds and production efficiency.
  • Saving can be up to 6% per piece compared with plastic cores.
  • Core dimensions, tolerances and strength properties are tailored to your process demands, based on Sonoco’s Radial technology
Benefits to the End User
  • Dricore NGTM is a rain-resistant core that holds it’s dimensional stability and strength properties even after 20 days outside in the rain. (see chart for moisture barrier)
  • Dricore NGTM is an environmentally friendly core made from a minimum of 97% paperboard. (This depends on build-up specifications and core dimensions.)
  • Dricore NGTM is re-pulpable and 100% recyclable.
  • Dricore NGTM is easy to dispose of compared with plastic cores.
  • Save on landfill waste costs for plastic cores by using Dricore NGTM.

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