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Filtration Cores

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For more than 50 years, Sonoco Plastics has set the quality standard in Filter Cores, Cages, Endcaps and further purpose-built filter components.

In the food industry, injection-moulded plastic packaging continues to gain market share — as does in-mould labeling, which integrates the plastic container and labeling into a single step in the manufacturing process.

Our advanced processes produce shapes that stand out on the supermarket shelf and give products a fresh image that appeals to new and/or targeted consumer groups. Today, our customers rely on us and our high-quality filter components in many segments of the liquid, air and medical filtration markets.


The Sonoco Plastics Filter Core range was developed by the integration of the engineering properties such as structural strength, chemical resistance and thermal stability. The basic design incorporates the use of longitudinal and radial ribs engineered to furnish high collapse strength. A stipple finish on the cores aids in retention of the initial placement of fibres. Our Cores are available in PP, PA (“Nylon”) and, POM; filled with glass fibers or unfilled.

Cages and Endcaps

In addition to our Cores, we offer all components required for your filter cartridges, including Cages, Adaptors and Endcaps (including the Endcap standards RAC1 up to RAC4). All our filter components are available in materials that are highly resistant to substances, from acids to bases.

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