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Powdered Infant Formula

We can supply all components of your powdered infant formula package, including container, lidding, overcap, scoop, and label.

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Trust in Sonoco, to deliver packaging that meets the nessesary requirements of product safety for powdered infant formulas.

Packaging for powdered infant formula plays a significant role and more important than ever before. It’s vital to keep track of government requirements in product packaging and stay up to date in consumer trends, and Sonoco does just that. We offer safety features such as tamper-proof seals, whilst making sure the packaging is still easy to open. Our peelable membranes keep product safe in gas-tight packaging, and our powdered milk product cans are produced in clean-room conditions.

As a packaging provider for some of the world’s top powdered formula companies, we understand the importance in protecting the brand as well as the product. To give customers more options to offer their consumers, we conduct in-depth market research and discover consumer requirements for formula, based on geography and demographics. In doing this, we get to know the consumer and provide packaging features that are relevant. Opening/closing features, closures, and labels are all customised depending on our customer’s requirements. The result is a high-quality package with convenience features that consumers will appreciate.

We send our containers though a set of rigorous exercises to ensure the package continuously meets and/or exceeds our quality expectations. In doing this, we can attest to the high level of quality to which we proudly adhere.

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Paperboard Containers

Personality, performance and protection while supporting your sustainability goals.

Sonoco is committed to producing truly sustainable and more versatile packaging solutions for our customers.


Introducing Sonoco’s paper-bottom can, the newest member of our family of sustainable packaging.

EcoSeal™ is our transformation of the standard rigid paper container with a metal base to provide the next generation pack with recyclability within the waste stream and improved ecological footprint.

Sustainability Hub

Find out more about how Sonoco Europe is developing inovative, sustainable packaging that works for our clients and the environment.


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