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Powdered Beverages

Freshness is a quality that is one of the most important benefits when consumers are looking at beverage packaging.

Benefits & options

We can help ensure the the taste of your product is preserved through our resealable paperboard container.

It is more important than ever to have a package that not only looks different, but performs differently as well. That is why you need Sonoco paperboard cans for powdered beverages. Our containers can be easily tailored to specifically target any usage occasion, creating opportunities to redefine your category. 

Ease of storage and ease of opening are two packaging benefits that rank highly on consumers’ minds when shopping for beverage products. We can help you meet these expectations with a full line of customised features for your product.

Consumers like the fact that paperboard cans are easy to open and reclose securely. As a result, powdered products stay fresh longer- even after opening. Paperboard canisters can be sized to fit the occasion or retail venue – from single serve cans to super-sized club store packs– truly fitting into the way people live, eat, work and play. Beyond aesthetics, cans are easy to stack and display as well as being highly resistant to damage.

Let us help you achieve your brand marketing goals by providing you with a package that stands out on the store shelf.

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Sustainable solutions for every sector

Innovative, versatile and truly sustainable.

Explore our next generation packaging solutions.

Paperboard Containers

Personality, performance and protection while supporting your sustainability goals.

Sonoco is committed to producing truly sustainable and more versatile packaging solutions for our customers.


Introducing Sonoco’s paper-bottom can, the newest member of our family of sustainable packaging.

EcoSeal™ is our transformation of the standard rigid paper container with a metal base to provide the next generation pack with recyclability within the waste stream and improved ecological footprint.

Sustainability Hub

Find out more about how Sonoco Europe is developing inovative, sustainable packaging that works for our clients and the environment.


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