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Pet Care

Conscientious pet owners want what’s best for their pets, and so do we!

Benefits & options

For all the good boys, comfortable cats and furry friends alike, we at Sonoco have the treat for you, with our tailored packaging solutions.

At Sonoco, we connect knowledge and insights about pet owners with more than a century of innovative package design, giving you the ideal link between package development and speed-to-retail.

We also offer a variety of packaging options with the functionality and features to satisfy the other attributes you and your customers are seeking. This would include the EcoSeal™ paper bottom solution, part of our EnviroSense™ family of sustainable packaging, which provides the strength and performance of Sonoco’s traditional paperboard container, with the added feature of a sustainable customisable paper bottom.

To learn more about our pet care and treat packaging, and how we could help you win on the shelf and in the home contact us today.

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Sustainable solutions for every sector

Innovative, versatile and truly sustainable.

Explore our next generation packaging solutions.

Paperboard Containers

Personality, performance and protection while supporting your sustainability goals.

Sonoco is committed to producing truly sustainable and more versatile packaging solutions for our customers.


Introducing Sonoco’s paper-bottom can, the newest member of our family of sustainable packaging.

EcoSeal™ is our transformation of the standard rigid paper container with a metal base to provide the next generation pack with recyclability within the waste stream and improved ecological footprint.

Sustainability Hub

Find out more about how Sonoco Europe is developing inovative, sustainable packaging that works for our clients and the environment.


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