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Customised Packaging

Sonoco is your one-stop shop for a tailored packaging solution.

Like no other packaging, the paperboard can is able to provide almost unparalleled flexibility in sizes, materials and other features to satisfy both customer and consumer needs.

First impressions are everything. Customers depend on Sonoco’s diverse packaging expertise to create innovative components, such as unique valve, barrier and ink solutions. We can design and create all of your package components, including the container, ends, labels and graphics. Plus, we can provide turn-key project management and packaging services.

Sonoco delivers some of the most advanced spiral winding tube lines specifically designed for the exacting standards demanded by our European customers. We offer a wide range of label options to give your product a competitive edge on crowded store shelves.

Customised Construction

Shaped Packaging

We produce a variety of shaped containers including rectangular and triangular in our portfolio plus we have the capability to develop unique shapes that attract attention at the point of sale and clearly differentiates the product from competitors. In addition to standing out on the shelf, they offer all the benefits of Rigid Paper cans, including maximum consumer convenience, re-sealability and excellent product protection. 

Such cans are perfect package for instant beverages, snacks, and other moisture-sensitive products.

Different shapes can be more ergonomic and make for an easy dispensing and handling experience for the consumer. Hinge or plug lids further enhance the attractiveness of the package.  Furthermore, there are supply chain advantages with a rectangular non-round packaging solution.

Luxury tubes

Exclusive products demand an exceptional presentation to instantly set them apart. That’s why Sonoco offers luxury tubes –premium quality containers for selected wines, champagne or aged whiskies. Sonoco luxury tubes are ideal for premium products, including:

  • Distilled spirits
  • Wine & champagne
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfume
  • Promotional products
Ends & Closures

Our standard recessed membrane can technology offers improved sealing for product protection and an easy-open and re-sealable container for an enhanced consumer experience. The aluminum closure with tear-out membrane and pull tab minimise risk of tearing off the tab. Easier opening and tighter reclose, plus an audible click to help the consumer know that the package has been closed tightly, provide a smooth customer experience.

We also offer a variety of top closures including flat membrane systems, sprinkler dispenser and easy-open metal end solutions. Our ends keep out unwanted oxygen, moisture and aroma and can be printed or embossed to further enhance your brand.

Our opening solutions can be complimented with an overcap or plug in lid ensure product freshness long after the first opening. It also offers a variety of options for promotional activities.

Additionally, you might be interested in our EcoSeal™ paper bottom, a low-cost alternative to the standard metal bottom with a clean, seamless appearance.


Plastic closures

Sonoco also offers plastic caps for our Rigid Paper cans, luxury tubes and drums. Focusing on benefits that can be used in marketing, the Sonoco develops tailor-made product closure solutions that integrate seamlessly into the overall packaging design. Numerous options, including multiple colours, transparency or high-quality branding with in-mould labelling techniques offer plenty of creative freedom when it comes to packaging design.

Each year, Sonoco manufactures hundreds of millions of overcaps, plug in lids and shaker tops for our Rigid Paper containers and drums. Most of these components are more than just lids. They are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of our customers and their products.



We offer a wide range of label options to give your product a competitive edge on crowded store shelves. Tin cans limit your creativity in package design. Because there are no ribs, our cans’ smooth surface provides superior billboarding for premium images. With our unsurpassed graphics management capabilities, we can provide a package with shelf appeal second to none.  

Labels for paperboard containers can be oriented in a convolute or spiral format based on your brand requirements.

Specialty Inks
  • Encapsulated fragrances
  • Special pigments with surface structures
  • Pearlescent/iridescent/multi-flip inks
  • UV active inks
  • Thermochromic inks
  • Tactile effects
  • Laser markable packages
  • Embossing lacquer
  • Barrier coatings
  • Conductive inks
Promotional Incentives
  • Can-top labels
  • Folded booklet labels
  • Coupon-in-a-label
  • Dry peel adhesive labels

Components & Options

Sonoco Europe can supply a rigid paperboard solution to fit every requirement.

Using our inimitable array of sizes, materials, opening features and labeling options, we can tailor your packaging to meet highly specific requirements. Combining our unique packaging elements and technologies provides our clients with mulitple options to bring their product to market in the most distinctive ways. Click below to find out more.

Paper-Based Solutions

A more versatile packaging solution for our customers, providing personality, performance and protection while supporting your sustainability goals.

Customised Packaging

Sonoco is your one-stop shop for a total packaging solution. We can design and create all your package components, including the container, ends, labels and graphics.


EcoSeal supplies food manufacturing and packing companies the strength and performance of Sonoco’s traditional paperboard container, whilst ensuring recyclability within the waste stream and improved ecological footprint.


Sonoco’s composite paperboard cans are tailored to your individual needs. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, ends and closures and labelling options.

Market segments

In markets ranging from confectionery to snack foods, from pet foods to personal care products, Sonoco provides customers with packaging that is cost-efficient and innovative.

Sustainability Hub

Find out more about how Sonoco Europe is developing inovative, sustainable packaging that works for our clients and the environment.


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