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Benefits & options

Sonoco supports you from the very beginning when it comes to developing your products.

As a specialist for thin-walled plastic packaging, we work together with you on the implementation your marketing concepts, from the initial idea, to 3D animations and high-quality prototypes.

Barrier In-Mould Labelling (IML)

Sonoco now offers a new barrier injection moulded packaging solution for extended shelf life, available in a wide variety of shapes, including nestable options for efficient transport.

Barrier IML packaging combines robust product protection with trendsetting shelf appeal through eye-catching, full-body graphics. It offers a cost-effective alternative to metal and glass, and it provides a better moisture barrier than traditional multi-layer plastic packaging in a thin-walled package. Durable and lightweight, it’s compatible with retort, hot-fill or gas-flush filling systems.

    This offers you:

    • Protection
      Tests have shown a dramatically reduced water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) compared to standard monolayer polypropylene packaging — an improvement of greater than 80%.
    • Strength
      The robust structure will survive the retort process.
    • Shelf appeal
      Access to superior graphics and branding via a label that covers more of your packaging’s surface area.
    • Efficiency
      Choose a nestable design for supply chain optimization.
    • Simplicity
      IML packaging offers a high barrier delivered via a monolayer structure.
    • Convenience
      Lightweight and easy to open, packaging is ideal for on-the-go consumers.

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