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Graphics Management

Sonoco-Trident is considered by many to be the most innovative and advanced integrated pre-media provider in the world today.

We produce unrivalled business solutions designed to deliver key benefits, including speed to market, cost reductions and supply chain simplification, while providing complete “design to shelf” brand consistency.

Core Activities

Sonoco-Trident works in partnership with an exceptional portfolio of blue chip global FMCG Businesses/Retail and Agencies of Record.

We manage brands across a global platform, we deliver fully integrated and individually tailored artwork and pre-media graphics management solutions.

Sonoco-Trident delivers fully integrated and individually tailored artwork and pre-press reprographics management IT solutions. Select from the list of our core activities below to find out more:

Design, Adaptation & Consultancy

With the ability to take a brief from concept to artwork or simply add creative additions to an existing range, Trident has an established design studio with years of experience in Packaging, POS and Marketing Materials.

In addition to our effective marketing solutions, our Design Team can deliver the following services.

Design Adaptation

Work with your design agency’s concept to create line extensions or to apply the notion to other packaging formats. This saves our clients significant money and time. Collaborating with your design agency also helps to ensure brand rules are maintained and designs are viable both technically and economically.

Design Consultancy

Our Print Production Managers (PPM) know everything there is about packaging design and its relationship with the print process. We advise what works and what doesn’t and recommend alternative solutions. This ensures that every design project we assess is faultlessly compatible with the specified print process and substrates.

Artwork Production /
Pre-Media & Digital Asset Management

Accuracy and consistency of colour and print is vital to retain a strong, global brand. We integrate artwork and reprographics, which makes the whole process faster, more accurate, simpler and therefore more efficient.

The ZEN/SmArt technologies that Trident has developed have made “Right First Time On-Time” packaging artwork creation into a practical, every-day reality for many global FMCG organisations. Our production art services work in that space between the creative design and pre-media to ensure mechanicals are built to specific print processes while always maintaining brand equity.

Trident currently employs over 160 artists around the world, dedicated to turning your visuals into accurate print ready files.

Print Quality & Colour Management

Accuracy and consistency of colour and print is vital to retain a strong, global brand. That’s why our print liaison team works closely with printers on each job. They ensure quality and consistency on a global platform and recommend the most cost effective print solution for our customers.

Our Print Quality Management program, SmArt PQ, uses advanced tools and methodology to ensure that customers achieve a consistently high quality standard of printed product, from each of their print suppliers.

Trident maintains a detailed database of over 6,000 printers worldwide complete with key printer specific information such as processes, machines, capacities, proofing capabilities, special finishes and treatments. Our PPMs work directly with printers to assure a smooth, trouble-free transition from artwork and pre-media to the finished printed pack and deliver brand consistency. Our colour management system sets acceptable standards for colour drift, based on the results of a ‘fingerprint’ test carried out on a specific printer’s machine.

A full range of proofing options are available, including:

  • Wet proofing
  • Six colour digital proofing
  • Kodak approval

Workflow Management

ZEN is Trident’s highly automated, proprietary management information system that provides artwork briefing, production and brand management workflow processes.

ZEN integrates all artwork production roles and responsibilities into one globally shared, comprehensive and fully integrated platform, ensuring a superior level of consistency and quality is achieved at each step throughout the workflow process.

Benefits offered by ZEN
  • Fully customisable to meet customer needs and can be integrated into existing systems.
  • Provides global project management capabilities that offer collaboration tools, job tracking and KPI reporting and a central hub for management database, brand rules & style guides, technical drawings, and UPC data.
  • Drives the entire artwork creation process and offers complete control and transparency to every step in the workflow process.
  • Artwork Management/Quality Systems, or SmArt Technologies, have been developed by Trident and are integrated into ZEN.
SmArt Technologies
  • SmArt Copy Automates the flow of copy directly onto print ready final artwork templates.
  • SmArt Artwork Automates scripts to drive the creation of variants from masters to ensure brand consistency, speed and the reduction of errors.
  • SmArt Check Coded to customer requirements and reviews artwork files against stored data, helping to reduce errors and reloops.

3D Imaging & Animation

Sonoco-Trident prides itself in our ability to replicate almost any packaging at the highest quality.

We produce packaging samples as digitally printed mockups or digital 3D images and movies, which are ideal for virtual merchandising, marketing communications, focus groups and for presentation purposes.

Benefits of our high resolution 3D images
  • Can be leveraged across various media platforms
  • Allow for early evaluation of design concepts
  • Remove the cost and time needed for packaging photography

Global Structure

Sonoco-Trident’s global headquarters is located in Hull, England, with a  total of 15 locations worldwide.

Seven of these locations are in Europe (five in the UK, one in France and another in Italy), five in North America (Charlotte, Cincinnati, Richmond, Toronto & Mexico City), and a further three  in APAC (Singapore & Guangzhou, China and Australia).

Our four main facilities are greenfield sites, grown organically with the same ‘footprint’, sharing the same software, hardware, training and culture, guaranteeing standardised and consistent processes and output from any of our sites.  We leverage our time zone differences, giving Trident the ability to pass work between sites, making the best use of available resources around the globe.  With our recent acquisition of UK owned Imagelinx, we now have the ability to be in more places at once than ever before.

Operational Excellence

We offer you operational excellence through:

  • Consitent processes
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Innovative design approach
  • Flexible and responsive


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