It’s convenient, catches the eye and provides an even larger decoration area: At the FachPack trade show in Nuremberg Sonoco Consumer Products Europe will unveil its Square-Can, a rigid paper container in a nearly square format. Particularly in combination with another recent innovation from the packaging specialist – plastic lids decorated using in-mould labelling technology (IML) – the new package opens up a whole new range of design possibilities. In hall 5, at booth 345, the company with European headquarters in Hockenheim, Germany will display its current portfolio of rigid paper containers and plastic packaging solutions. The co-exhibitors Sonoco Alcore and Sonoco Plastics round out the company’s booth.

Cylindrical rigid paper containers are a convenience-packaging classic. For many products like stacked chips or instant drinks, they are a vital part of brand identity. The new SquareCan is Sonoco’s first rigid paper container with a nearly square layout. It measures 104 to 94 millimetres and adds an attractive variant to the packaging specialist’s portfolio. “The SquareCan is a major new product development. It opens up entirely new possibilities in terms of packaging design and brand management for our customers,” says Rolf Regelmann, Director Sales and Marketing at Sonoco, summarizing the advantages of the new layout. “The rigid paper container with a nearly square layout can be decorated all around – including the top and bottom. This strengthens brand management and simultaneously attracts a great deal of consumer attention.” The SquareCan allows Sonoco customers to reach additional consumer groups and market segments while taking advantage of the customary advantages of the rigid paper container. The SquareCan also provides significant efficiency benefits in terms of logistics; thanks to its rectangular basic shape, the package makes optimal use of the available space. Compared to competitive products, the SquareCan is significantly more stable and provides more product protection.

Alongside the newly developed SquareCan, Sonoco will also showcase its entire range of rigid paper containers at the FachPack. This includes numerous improvements and innovations, such as Vegetop, a special shaker top made of organic, compostable plastic that makes the rigid paper container even more sustainable. Another focus of the exhibition is on different design options for rigid paper containers, such as special finishing techniques. The Munich-based cocoa manufacturer beckscocoa, for example, uses a label with hot gold foil embossing to reflect the high quality of the package’s content.

Eye-catcher on top: IML lids provide additional decoration area

Sonoco also delivers a new closure solution for rigid paper containers: The new plastic lids decorated with IML technology feature outstanding tactile and visual effects; even highly realistic photographic images are possible. The lids provide an additional decoration area for round or rectangular rigid paper containers, adding another opportunity to put the packaging classic in the limelight and make it stand out from the competition. “The new product developments SquareCan and IML lids are sound proof of Sonoco’s ability to innovate and demonstrate that our know-how in rigid paper containers and plastic packaging complement each other perfectly,” explains Séan Cairns, Vice President and General Manager, Sonoco Consumer Products Europe. “With our expertise in both areas we are excellently positioned in the premium packaging market.”

Convincing benefits for the tobacco industry

The combination of SquareCan and IML lid provides a particular advantage for packaging tobacco products. The revision of the European Tobacco Product Directive (TPD 2) makes warning labels on lids obligatory for cylindrical rigid paper containers, but not for those with a rectangular format. Because manufacturers have to put large warning labels on the sides of the rigid paper container, the lid becomes the central decorating area for the presentation of the brand. With IML technology manufacturers can capitalize on this.

Highly decorative plastic packaging for premium-quality and delicate products

Several Sonoco customers in the plastic packaging segment are already capitalising on the advantages of in-mould labelling. In the IML process the label is usually made of the same material as the packaging container and injected directly into the packaging wall during production. As a result, the label cannot slip or slide and makes a high-quality impression. The packaging’s base shape is completely user-definable – an ideal prerequisite for tailor-made product and brand presentation.

For plastic packaging Sonoco relies on its patented PermaSafe® technology, which is particularly suited for use with sterilized and pasteurized food products with a long shelf life. Unlike conventional tin cans, PermaSafe® packaging provides a resealable lid and a high-quality look and feel, reminiscent of products from the fresh goods shelf. Several of Sonoco’s customers are already taking advantage of these features, such as Tartex for its vegan “Brotzeit” bread spreads.

Sonoco Alcore and Sonoco Plastics round out the booth

As co-exhibitors from the Sonoco group, Sonoco Alcore and Sonoco Plastics are also represented at the FachPack booth. Sonoco Alcore, a specialist for high-quality tube and core solutions, will present its broad portfolio, which includes packaging solutions for synthetic fibre yarns, foils, labels and metals. The Sonoco subsidiary currently supplies customers in more than 65 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In turn, Sonoco Plastics will be presenting spools, precision winding cores and tubes made of plastic – products favoured by the optical fibre yarn, fibre optic cable, paper, foil, textile and glass yarn industries. The plastic specialist also displays a portfolio of end and side walls as an innovative solution for transport and storage of plastic films.

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