FachPack 2016: Sonoco presents newly developed SquareCan and IML lids for rigid paper containers
At the FachPack trade show 2016, September 27 – 29 in Nurem­berg, Germany, Sonoco Consumer Products Europe once again proves its innovativeness. The SquareCan is the first rigid paper­board container with a nearly square format. Together with the new plastic lids decorated using in-mould labelling technology (IML), the SquareCan opens up a whole new range of design possibilities. The co-exhibitors Sonoco Alcore and Sonoco Plastics will also present their portfolio at the booth 345 in hall 5.

The new square can measures 104 to 94 millimetres and adds an attractive variant to Sonoco‘s portfolio. The rigid paper container with a nearly square layout can be decorated all around – including the top and bottom – and offers new possibilities in terms of brand management. In addition, the format provides significant efficiency benefits in terms of logistics. Thanks to its rectangular basic shape, the package makes optimal use of the available space. Compared to competitive products, the SquareCan is significantly more stable and provides better product protection.

In Nuremberg, Sonoco also presents further improvements and innovations, such as Vegetop, a special shaker top made of organic, compostable plastic, and additional design options and special finishing techniques for rigid paper containers. Munich-based cocoa manufacturer beckscocoa, for example, uses a label with hot gold foil embossing to reflect the high quality of the package’s content.

IML lids provide additional decoration area

Moreover, a newly developed closure solution for the packaging classic rigid paper container makes its debut at FachPack: Sonoco’s plastic lids decorated with IML technology feature outstanding tactile and visual effects. They provide round or rectangular rigid paper containers with an additional decoration area and put the product in the limelight.

Several Sonoco customers in the plastic packaging segment are already capitalizing on the advantages of IML. During the pro­duction process, the label is injected directly into the packaging wall. As a result, the label cannot slip or slide and makes a high-quality impression.

Benefits to the tobacco industry

The combination of SquareCan and IML lids provides particular advantages for packaging tobacco products. The revision of the European Tobacco Product Directive (TPD 2) makes warning labels on lids obligatory for cylindrical rigid paper containers, but not for those with a rectangular format. While the tobacco producers have to put large warning labels on the sides of the rigid paper container, they can utilize the lid as the central decorating area for the presentation of the brand.

Co-exhibitors from the Sonoco group

The Sonoco subsidiaries Sonoco Alcore and Sonoco Plastics add to the broad portfolio the company presents at its FachPack booth. Sonoco Alcore presents its broad range of high-quality tube and core solutions for synthetic fibre yarns, foils, labels and metals. Sonoco Plastics will be showcasing spools, precision winding cores and tubes made of plastic – products favoured by the optical fibre yarn, fibre optic cable, paper, foil, textile and glass yarn industries.

Premium packaging for a premium product

Together, the teams at Sonoco and Gialousis created a package that reflects the high quality of the product inside. The minimalistic design features gold-embossed fruits and nuts on a blue (for milk chocolate), black (for dark chocolate) or white (for white chocolate) background. The rigid paperboard container can be recycled using the local waste stream – an important feature for the Gialousis team.

Consumers can experience the advantages of Marchoc’s packaging first-hand in everyday situations. Before they open the rigid paperboard container for the first time, a Sealed Safe peel-off membrane protects its delicious content. Fans of hot chocolate typically consume the powder over the course of several weeks – a period of time during which the easily reclosable snap lid protects it from outside influences.

A success story – to be continued

The premium shelf presence of the rigid paper container helped the new product to claim its place among other powdered beverage products. And the cooperation between Sonoco and Gialousis doesn’t end there: Gialousis is already introducing other products, such as the kids’ chocolate drink Jumbotonic, to the Greek consumer goods market – in Sonoco’s rigid paperboard containers, of course.