Hockenheim, Germany. An elegant outfit for exquisite products: to preserve and underline their drinking chocolates’ exclusive taste experience, beckscocoa relies on rigid paper containers from Sonoco. The new single origin cocoas no. 5 and no. 7 expand the Munich-based cocoa manufacturer’s Especial series and are introduced to the market in a rigid paper container with a snap lid. The package label with hot gold foil embossing attracts attention and perfectly reflects the high quality of its content. This design stands out at the point of sale (POS) and allows for excellent brand management both on the shelf and in the consumer’s household.

The two types of fine beans used for the new single origin cocoas of beckscocoa’s Especial series have come a long way. Cocoa expert and beckscocoa founder, Michael Beck, travels the world’s cocoa-growing countries to find the best raw materials for his specialties. He made his latest finds in Africa and South America. Two newly discovered treasures provide the ideal basis for his newest creations: the fine cocoas Single-Origin Especial no. 5 Tanzania and Single-Origin Especial no. 7 Peru are now available in selected cafés, delis and online shops in 250-gram rigid paper containers. All in all, the company sells 14 cocoa specialties, chai latte products and chocolate dragees in 13 European countries. In terms of packaging, the Munich-based cocoa specialist leaves nothing to chance. It sells both new varieties in rigid paper containers, one of the leading packaging solutions for drinking powder products. Sonoco is the worldwide leading manufacturer of these high-quality convenience solutions. The company produces the rigid paper containers in Hockenheim, Germany, before they are delivered to beckscocoa where they are filled and sealed.

High quality and aroma protection

The highly decorated rigid paper containers are predominantly made of finished recycling paper. The multi-layered body with its thin aluminum inner liner offers best barrier properties and preserves the exquisite chocolate taste of beckscocoa’s products. An aluminum membrane seals the rigid paper containers and keeps the chocolate powder dry and pourable. The easy-to-open and recloseable snap lid provides high convenience and protects the product and its aroma, even after initial opening. “Rigid paper containers are the ideal packaging for sensitive goods like cocoa because they ensure long-lasting product freshness,“ says Rolf Regelmann, Sales Director at Sonoco Europe.

A packaging as exclusive as the product

The drinking chocolates are sold in rigid paper containers that are 110 millimeters tall, and have an 83 millimeter diameter and a tin bottom. The label is decorated with hot gold foil embossing – a gold-shimmering cover in the shape of a cocoa bean adorns the rigid paper container. “A detailed and aesthetically appealing label with shimmering highlights creates a very strong shelf presence. Contrary to conventional packaging solutions, the finished label stands out and transports the product’s high quality standard,” Regelmann says. Because the rigid paper container with its snap lid shuts tight, the consumer does not need to decant the product into another container. Product and packaging are perceived together and remain present at the consumer’s home on the shelf. This way, the elegant all-around decoration with its fine shimmering label provides major advantages in terms of brand management.

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