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The winding of sensitive plastic films sets high recommendations to the winding cores.

Even the slightest unevenness could cause tremendous trouble for the film production process. The longstanding expertise of Sonoco Plastics allows producing winding cores within the tightest tolerances and while maintaining a precise roundness. This supports an optimized winding process, giving your operations high efficiency. 

Our cores meet special surface requirements for plastic, metal and paper films, and follow a high level of precision concerning roundness, straightness and surface quality. 


  • Injection-moulded and extrusion cores available
  • In-line and off-line cut with highly dimensional accuracy
  • Customer- and application-oriented design
  • Mechanical core finishing
  • Cores equipped with special adapters for customized winding shafts
  • Multiple use, recyclable


Designed for high winding tensions, our injection-moulded tape cores are customized for every individual application and customer need. They follow a high level of precision and surface quality, and most are reusable and recyclable. For weight reduction, tape cores can be produced with foam material. Spring-rings.

End walls and side shields

The transport of wound up reels requires secure packaging -- so Sonoco Plastics Germany (formerly Burk) developed custom end walls. This suspended packaging supports the delivery of your goods to customers. 

Learn more by viewing our case study.

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