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For over 50 years Sonoco Plastics has set the quality standard in filter cores, cages, housings, and other custom filtration components. Today, the company provides a wide range of filter cores and endcaps to many segments of the filtration and medical market. Sonoco Plastics also provides services to design and mold custom molded parts. Medical applications can be produced in our clean room class 8. We are ISO 13485 certified. 

Filtration Cores

The Sonoco Plastics filter core range was developed by the integration of the engineering properties such as structural strength, chemical resistance and thermal stability. The basic design incorporates the use of longitudinal and radial ribs engineered to furnish high collapse strength. A stipple finish on the cores aids in retention of the initial placement of fibres. Our cores are available in PP, Polyamide, POM; unfilled or filled with GF.

Filtration Cages and Endcaps

We offer customized Cages for filter cartridges, as well as endcaps based on the standard RAC 1 up to RAC 4, available in PP.

Cigarette paper

Sonoco Plastics provides the highest quality and tightest tolerance injection moulded cores for cigarette paper.

  • High precision width ensures trouble free winding process
  • Available in several designs, shapes and colors
  • Inside diameter 120mm 
  • Different wall-thickness and material 
  • Width from 18mm to 72mm


Engineered carriers for the paper industry require high-strength combined with reusability. Responding to those special demands, Sonoco Plastics developed a patent-protected rigid core with removable adapters to increase cycles of usability. For shorter width papers, we also provide high-precision cores to ensure the winding process avoids any interruptions. Our sheeter core offers outstanding rigidity due to glass-fiber-reinforced adapters. The changeability of the cores insures the adapted length for various paper widths.

Sheet Extrusion

Sonoco Plastics produce sheets from high quality thermoplastics for a wide range of applications. In a subsequent thermoforming process they can be formed to trays and containers with a minimum of difference in wall thickness. Our sheets are widely adjustable to color, mechanical properties and are customer sized. 

  • Produced in low tolerance thickness
  • Min thickness 0,8 mm; max thickness 8 mm
  • Maximum width 1100mm. Smooth or grained, sheet or rolled-up

Custom Moulding

With our longstanding experience in mold and part constructing we can provide customized solutions, from specialized packaging to highly technical automotive parts under consideration of specific standards and regulation. 

Design, construction, functionality and production, we can provide the full service for your ideas.


  • Technical components and packaging for various applications
  • Packaging for various components and applications.  Special designs can be developed and manufactured to accommodate customers’ particular requirements
  • Cups made from acid-resistant thermoplastic material with or without lids, for use in laboratories and paint manufacturing
  • Flow meters made from high quality thermoplastic material for use of special liquids control.

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